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Add a pom pom to your hat

Add a pom pom to your hat

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Want your hat to have a pom pom?

For our sale items - we are selling the hats WITHOUT pom poms (unless stated) but you can add a pom pom here. 

Choose from:

  • Natural Shetland (as shown in the photo at the top) this is a creamy white pom pom made from 100% Shetland wool - Shetland wool makes brilliant dense pom poms which is why we use it on most of our hats 
  • Matching - Matching the colour of your hat so if you ordered a navy hat, we will make you a navy pom pom 
  • Other - Leave us a message at checkout for any other requests. 

If you have ordered more than one hat, please state which hat you would like this on 

Please note this is per hat. So, if you have ordered 3 hats and want them all with pom poms you will need to order 3 poms. 

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