Our Story

The Dorothy Days is a colourful, modern knitwear company founded by Rachel and Jamie and based in Cornwall. 

We knit with 100% wool - Merino and Shetland to create knitted hats and knitwear inspired by the colours of nature and ready for your next adventure.

How we got started

We are Jamie and Rachel - husband and wife - who together, run The Dorothy Days.

Jamie works in television all around the world and often in harsh conditions.

Our knitwear came as a result of Jamie wanting a hat which would be suitable when he was filming. He wanted it to be practical and also stylish, suitable in different weather conditions and long lasting. So we created our range of knitwear for The Dorothy Days

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We believe in beautiful, practical and long lasting items which are unique, a joy to own and will be treasured for many years to come

  • We use 100% wool to create our knitwear to ensure longevity, warmth and comfort. Our hats are ideal for outdoor activities as wool has unique qualities such as regulating your temperature, wicking away sweat and being antibacterial.

  • Our range of knitwear is inspired by the colours of nature which is so diverse that we have a huge range. So, whether you want Burnt Orange like the autumn leaves or Pastel Yellow like the Spring flowers your hat will be timeless, unique and enjoyable to wear.

  • Slow living in Cornwall

    Each hat is knitted by hand by us in our studio in the Cornish countryside (UK). We embrace slow living which is in touch with nature and our surroundings. We like to appreciate the small things whether that is a new flower blooming in our garden, the bird song or an awe inspiring sunrise.

  • Modern knitwear made with traditional techniques

    We create colourful modern knitwear using traditional techniques. We have created and perfected our own pattern for our hats so they are unique to us.

  • Create memories in nature

    Our hats are ideal for outdoor adventures whether you are hiking, wild swimming, skating, climbing or more. We always love to see our hats "out in the wild" so please do tag us @thedorothydays on social media to share your photos with us.

  • Our Brand Motto

    “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

    - William Morris

  • Our brand motto is the focus of our shop and a philosophy we live by ourselves. We believe, in a world of excess and waste, in buying less but better and being selective in what you own so everything you have brings you joy whether it is from its beauty or its practicalities or, like our hats, both.

  • Why wool?

    Wool has so many amazing qualities which is why we use it in our knitwear. It is naturally breathable, helps you to regulate your temperature so you are not too hot or too cold so is perfect for those who enjoy walking or outdoor sports etc. It is naturally antibacterial and will adjust and adapt to your head size and shape to be the perfect, personalised fit for you. Wool is super strong and used to being out in the elements (think of the sheep in the fields) so is ideal for even more harsh enviroments. We use merino and Shetland wools which are super soft against your skin and non-itchy!

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