Collection: Hand knitted hats by The Dorothy Days

100% wool hats handmade in the Tamar Valley, Cornwall

Experience the vibrant colours of nature with our 100% wool hand-knitted hats. Designed for your next outdoor adventure, these hats are made with merino and British Shetland wool for ultimate warmth, comfort, and longevity. Our unique wool material regulates temperature, wicks away sweat, and is antibacterial. Choose from a variety of nature-inspired colours for the perfect hat.

Rachel and Jamie - The Dorothy Days 

We are Rachel and Jamie and we knit each hat by hand using traditional techniques. 

Why wool?

  • Wool has so many amazing qualities which is why we use it in our knitwear. It is naturally breathable, helps you to regulate your temperature so you are not too hot or too cold so is perfect for those who enjoy walking or outdoor sports etc. It is naturally antibacterial and will adjust and adapt to your head size and shape to be the perfect, personalised fit for you. Wool is super strong and used to being out in the elements (think of the sheep in the fields) so is ideal for even more harsh enviroments. We use merino and Shetland wools which are super soft against your skin and non-itchy!

Hand knitted wool hat details:

  • 100% wool - We use merino wool and Shetland wool
  • Durable, long lasting and comfortable
  • Designed for outdoor adventures