The Dorothy Days - Super Seconds Festival

The Dorothy Days - Super Seconds Festival

Super Seconds Festival May 2024 - The Dorothy Days

Super Seconds Festival - Update and Thank You! 

We recently took part in the May Super Seconds Festival which is run by Sophie from the Creative Incubator. 

The festival bring together different makers and creatives from across the UK (and beyond) to sell their samples, seconds, one of a kinds all at massively discounted prices. 

For us, it was a big opportunity to clear out our studio of our samples. We have been working on lots of new products and just launched our knitted gloves and our scrunchies and it allowed us to sell of the samples which we made to lead us to our final product. 

The festival is all online and feels very much like a creative festival with lots going on. We did a knitting demo which was great fun, live chats with other makers and shared what we had live too. 

Considering it was a SUPER hot weekend, we sold well and lots of hats, gloves, scrunchies and jewellery heading off to new homes. People seemed to hear about how our knitwear isn't just for winter but also for evenings in the summer when temperatures drop and so we had a little flurry of sales. 

It was also wonderful to connect with other makers and creatives and be a greater part of the community and also be able to chat and interact with our customer too. 

We loved it! 

Thanks so much to everyone who bought from us and don't forget to sign up to our mailing list

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