Spring has arrived in the Tamar Valley - Cornwall

Spring has arrived in the Tamar Valley - Cornwall

Spring has arrived in the Tamar Valley, Cornwall and bringing with it fresh inspiration for our knitwear. 

The lighter evenings and longer days have been welcome and we are enjoying being able to spend days on the garden, out in nature and exploring as a family. 

The garden has started to bloom and we have the most beautiful display of camelias, magnolias and the bluebells have just arrived too. 

I have been working on some new ranges for The Dorothy Days. When you are creating a brand new product it always takes time, lots of trial and error and lots and lots of prototypes. My desk is currently covered with jumper sleeves of different lengths and different styles!! It is then really rewarding to see the final product come together once you have perfected all the different elements. 


This year, my aim is to broaden the range of products that we have in the shop so this week I launched our scrunchies which have already got some really lovely feedback on social media. Jumpers are coming soon and lots more in the pipeline too.

We have also been working on our home renovation project. Those of you who follow us on social media will have seen snippets of our renovation. The biggest change is reconfiguring the kitchen. We removed a large island and it has made it much more open plan and useable for our family. 

The garden could easily be a full time job - there is so much to do - but, somehow, it never feels like work or a chore. We absolutely love being out there and restoring the garden back to her former glory. It is rewarding to see the fruits of our labour and amazing to see both the children running through the garden and enjoy it. It is never going to be the perfect manicured garden but we don't want it to be. We want climbing trees and dens, flowers which bring joy and spark imagination and shrubs which the children can ride their bikes around! 


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