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The Dorothy Days

Pastel yellow knitted hat

Pastel yellow knitted hat

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Pastel yellow knitted hat in a variety of sizes from newborn to adult.  

Stay warm during your outdoor adventures with our handmade pastel yellow knitted hat made from 100% merino wool.

It is perfect for running, wild swimming, hiking, and more, its long-lasting nature ensures that you stay cosy no matter what.

Wool has unique properties which help regulate your temperature and also naturally absorbs odours and wicks away sweat.

Available in a range of sizes from adult to newborn and choose between with or without a pom pom.

This hat is the ideal companion for your next outdoor adventure. Stay cosy and comfortable in any condition thanks to the moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating and odour-absorbing natural wool. 

We believe in beautiful, practical and long lasting items which are unique, a joy to own and will be treasured for many years to come.

|| Features ||

- Pastel Yellow
- Designed to fit snug to your head
- 100% merino wool
- Available with or without a pom pom
- Pom pom (if requested) will be in pastel yellow to match the hat
- Gift wrapped
- Ideal for outdoor sport, hiking, running etc


|| Sizes ||

Tiny baby – From birth, this is suitable for smaller and premature newborn babies.

0-3 months – From birth to 3 months old

3-6 months – From approximately 3 months old to 6 months and beyond

6 months – 12 months - This hat will adapt to your baby’s head size and shape as they grow.

Toddler – From 1 year+

Child – This hat will adjust and adapt as your child grows. The hat will fit toddlers with a larger head right the way up to adulthood.

Adult - This hat is suitable for all adults (yes, even those of you who have a larger or smaller head!)

Wool will adjust and adapt to your head size and shape making the hat the perfect fit for you.


|| About us ||

We are Jamie and Rachel and we are based in Cornwall, UK and we hand make each hat.

We believe in beautiful, practical and long lasting items which are unique and a joy to own.

In a world of excess and waste, we strongly believe in buying better and buying less.



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